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    We are a club and we are young, depend on rock'n'roll, are freethinking and tolerate the different... Altogether, we are nice, we like to have fun, organize concerts, other cultural events, exhibitions and other stuff. The main guidance of our work is being innovative, open and pleased with what we do.

    Mladinski center IndiJanez is our name and we are managing our KLUB MC in Pekarna since the year 1994.

    INDIJANEZ?!?!?! Who or what is that, you ask?! A rebel, a revolutionary, an opposer to the globalisation - in short, a characteristic Indian (Native American) from the time of Wild West or simply a young person, who withstood the enforcement of ideology. And (Indi)JANEZ to show everyone where we come from - Slovenija, the land of Janezes (Janez: typical slovenian name).


    Building, where the club is located, was built in 1897 and served as a bakery of rusk-biscuits. That is where today's name of the complex derives from - Pekarna (bakery). Although authorities had changed between the World Wars, the bakery hasn't stopped its production and so it has supplied Yugoslavian army with its delicious bread during the last years of its activity after the World War II. Until 1991 when Slovenija became independent. So the Slovenian army has inherited a great number of similar military objects, which were not instantly used due to reduction of necessities of one's own army. Those abandoned places were quickly spotted by us, youngsters, and we thought that such unexploited complex could serve a superior purpose - us, young alternative people, who have gained the building in 1994. We redecorated the area with our own hands and means, therefore we appreciate even more what we have and what we do. It still isn't clear, which status Pekarna will regain, but that doesn't stop a crowd of creative people, who take an active part on many different areas: culture, education, ecology, human relations, sports... Of course, altogether, a little bit different - non-commercial, non-institutional, alternative. At least we try to stay that way.

    There are still original bakery ovens that decorate our rooms and remind us of our history; and the chimney, which overtops the clubhouse roof and somehow symbolizes the upright attitude and defiance of time.

    - the building was built in 1897
    - Klub MC - Pekarna is located in former military bakery
    - we occupied the area in 1994
    - today's function is gathering and producing of alternative youngsters


    The club is being directed by the members of Mladinski center IndiJanez. Although it is not our exclusive occupation it is surely one with the widest response, as club is doubtless one of the well known and most visited alternative meeting places for young people in Slovenija.

    Club consists of four connected rooms and it occupies about 450 square meters. The first room is meant for club happenings and is decorated with Indian totems, billiards, table-football, tables and a bar. Also, there is an exhibition place with ten showrooms on disposal, which spreads all over the walls. The second room is equipped with legendary bakery ovens, small occasional stage for more quiet performances and with a cyber corner, where a charge-free access to the Internet is provided. Next is the event-hall, equipped with 15 square meters "large" stage and space for mostly 200 people. We have all technical equipment that we need for realization of shows, without external co-operators. The event-hall is multi-purpose space, which regularly serves activities like: concerts, cinema, sports-room, classroom, council room and more. At the back of the building are toilet rooms and administration office. Nevertheless there is a possibility of using about 2500 square meters of outdoor area for activities.

    - the club is being directed by the members of Mladinski center IndiJanez
    - on the area of 450 square meters there is a club, bar, exhibition section, cyber corner, multi-purpose event room and administration rooms.


    Club is organized as a youth center, that's why it received a social position from the government. Due to different activities the happening in such center is very diverse and interesting.

    The main happenings are surely alternative club evenings, which take place every Friday and Saturday, without exception, until dawn. We can take pride in a great number of young people visiting us, a general recognition of events and the area. Mostly Saturdays, but sometimes also other days we prepare concerts and other kinds of thematic events. Sundays are planned for members-cinema and club cafe, otherwise the club is open every day during the week since morning. We adjust our working hours a little bit during the summer, when we open no sooner than in the evening. During the day it is possible to borrow different requisites for parlour games, but also playing billiards, table tennis or table-football is possible. The computers in cyber corner are always occupied, because many youngsters are happy of free access to the Internet.

    Altogether, in one year we realize more than 150 different projects - alternative club evenings, concerts, lectures, member-cinema evenings and other activities, which are not always limited exclusively to the club area, but also to the streets, nature and other productional areas.

    - we realize more than 150 different projects per year
    - the core of happening and most visited are club evenings
    - we realize our projects also outside the club


    We, the leading group of the club, are most proud of all the friends who visit us. We don't see our visitors as customers, guests or consumers, but we try to get to know them closer, offer them a helping hand, to talk and associate with them. Regarding that our team consists mostly of volunteers and half-professionals, such atmosphere is inevitably necessary and so far we have succeeded to preserve it, for the number of youngsters joining us is persistently increasing and we are proud to say that we have already more than 2,500 members.

    We are following principles as peace, ecological consciousness, equality in all areas, tolerance to those that are different,... Sometimes we have to fight for that, therefore some of us are active in various anti-globalisation movements, or peace movements, ecological organizations,... We try to transmit our experience to our adherents and point out such social problems to those, who are not aware of them. We normally don't do that in a formal manner, but in informal debates in club, web forum etc.

    The name of the organization consists of the word IndiJanez, which is a Slovene expression for a Native American (Indian), combined with the most common name in Slovenija - Janez. Somehow we try to live by their freethinking principles, which are on one side open to changes, new friendships, but on the other side constantly on guard for our freedom and willing to fight for it.

    - we offer our friendship to anyone that enters
    - principle of equality, tolerance, anti-globalisation, ecological consciousness and peace
    - we are new-age Indians, fighters for individual freedom


    Our work isn't bound to a specific area, because our activities mostly overlap. That way can a cultural event contain social, ecological or other topics. We also try to be innovative at our work and surprise or even challenge our visitors/observers. We try to help young people on as many fields as possible, that's why a part of our organization is derived in section work.

    Generally it is a standard recording studio with relatively good equipment, but we especially take great pride in highly skilled staff, which sometimes surprises with the excellence of final products. Studio is located in the proximity of the club.

    The mobile info spot it is an innovative project in Slovenija. Informing young people has become an important part in educating and motivating them. We have joined many, more or less, well attended info spots with our mobile unit, which consists of mini-bus and mobile office outfit - tables, chairs, laptop and such belongings. Info-bus is suitable for counselling activities. Meaning and advantage of such way of spreading the information is mainly in taking the information to the places, where youngsters are gathering - schools, events, streets,...

    We enable to the young people an active incorporation into the organization's work. The summits of the voluntary work are juvenile working brigades, which take place every summer - there we organize maintenance of surroundings. We are also considering incorporation in humanitarian projects and projects for public wealth.

    Sindian Underground section is strongly connected to the club activities and is its productional section. Its main tasks are booking, promotion and management for musicians and other individuals or groups, who need such services (for instance dance groups, painters, photographers, theater groups,...). We also take care in organizing bigger non-commercial events. More about that: www.sindian-underground.com.


    - alternative music school
    - educational workshops about safety of young people in traffic
    - section for peace

    Contents of this page will probably change during time. You are welcome to send us your ideas!