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    Stage equipment and sound reinforcement

    Our club offers adequate sound reinforcement for large and small bands on a 15 sq.m.stage, including a medium sized dancefloor able to accommodate a crowd of a little over 200. The FOH system offers about 2kW of sound reinforcement for bands and DJ's, including 2 powered monitoring lines of about 300W each. The system is expandable up to 4 monitoring lines if needed and an option for digital recording of the performance is also available upon request.

    When needed, we are able to provide any additional guitar or bass amplifiers as well as a basic drum kit if absolutely necessary. Stage miking is attained with our supply of 11 dynamic mics and a set of 6 drum mics that include 2 condenser overheads. All mics run through a 16/8 channel multicore into a 16/4 channel mixing desk with a "Death Mute" function available upon request of the guests. Outboard gear includes a 4 channel DI box, 4 channel compressor and various multieffects.

    Our technical team will ensure that the performer looks and sounds good on stage, due to experience and knowledge of the club and its equipment.